Hurricane Preparedness

Storm season 2016 is here!

The end of the winter season marks the approach of hurricane season. With June 1 as the official start date, it’s time to prepare. As devastating as it was, Wilma was not a “major” storm when it struck. Forecasters tell us 2 things that should get our attention:

1)    Our area is 50 years overdue for a strike by a major hurricane

2)      It is predicted that the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season will have little storm activity .

Hurricane Preparedness is everyone’s responsibility. Unit owners, residents, the Association, municipal, county and state government are all responsible to prepare for hurricane season.   Unit owners and residents are responsible to prepare themselves and their units. Doors, windows and hurricane shutters must be in serviceable condition and secured in advance of forecast storm arrival. It is essential that ALL items be removed from balconies for the duration of storm watches and warnings. 

The National Weather Service declares a hurricane watch for a region when hurricane force winds (sustained winds in excess of 74 miles per hour) are possible in the area within the next 48 hours. The National Weather Service issues hurricane warnings when hurricane force winds are expected in the area within the next 36 hours. This is an increased state of alert, as it indicates the forecasters are more certain of the hurricane’s landfall.

Any opening (door or window) that is breached during a storm event places all other units on that floor at risk of catastrophic wind and water damage and units below at risk of water damage. The Association has more than 1,660 openings and only 2 maintenance employees.  Association personnel are required to secure common areas in advance of approaching storms.  Association personnel are not available to secure individual unit shutters, doors and windows. Unit owners must make their own arrangements to secure their shutters and openings.  The Association will attempt to engage a vendor to secure unsecured openings and remove items left on balconies during storm watches and will charge those unit owners $200 to defray the cost of shutter closing service; that cost will be $250 if items are removed from the balcony in addition to closing shutters.  

Owners and residents are also responsible to prepare themselves to evacuate in advance of an approaching storm if authorities give such an order and to have necessary provisions on hand to sustain themselves and their household in the event of an extended disruption of utilities and other vital services.  Each resident is encouraged to help their less fortunate neighbors, particularly those with physical limitations.  In the event of a mandatory evacuation order, the cooling towers will be shut down; there will be no air-conditioning; the elevators will be removed from service; all staff will be sent home and the Towers will be locked down.   During a storm event, power and domestic water service will likely be lost and emergency personnel will likely not respond to calls for service.  

This section of the website is intended to serve as a “one-stop-shopping” resource for hurricane preparedness. It provides links to a broad range of relevant information including a list of items needed to prepare a Hurricane Kit, shelter locations, and other governmental services. Forecasts and storm events are full of uncertainty. The one certainty is that having a plan is essential. This is the place to start.

The Association is reviewing and revising its plans. The Recreation Association will ensure that trees are trimmed, that coconuts are removed from trees, that the tempered glass panes are removed from the colonnade in the vicinity of the restaurant, that the canopies, outdoor planters and furniture are secured and that all items that could become windborne projectiles are secured. The Recreation Association has purchased and stored plywood for emergency protection of damaged openings.

The Condominium Association and Recreation Offices now have emergency power supplied by the Valencia Tower natural gas powered emergency generator. The Offices will serve as emergency operations centers with power for lighting, essential communications, and a refrigerator for medications that require refrigeration. Unit owners and residents who use medications that require refrigeration are encouraged to register with the Office in advance. The refrigerator will not be used for food or ice. The Condominium Association has portable radios to facilitate emergency communications between volunteers, employees and the Office and portable emergency generators and pumps to expedite the removal of water as/if necessary.

If you are elderly or a care-giver please take advantage of Broward County’s Vulnerable Population Registry. It allows those who are disabled, frail or have health issues to register in advance by calling the Broward County Call Center at 954-831-4000, TTY 954-831-3940 or the city's emergency management agency. Also please register with the office if there is anyone disabled or in a wheel chair, so that we may tell the Fire Dept. in case of emergency.

Effective June 1, medical services provided in the Special Medical Needs Shelters during a disaster will be transitioned from the Broward County Human Services Department to the Broward County Health Department. This requires a new application from all current registrants. If you are currently registered in the Special Medical Needs Registry, you should have received an application and letter of instruction. This application must be completed with the assistance and approval of your physician.


Take the time now to familiarize yourself with the resources below and to develop your household plan. By doing so, you will help to ensure that Quadomain survives the coming storm season come what may.


Scroll down to the bottom of this page for important information and documents.


Storm season 2016 is here!


Be Informed. Be Prepared.






You will find a wealth of information at

The Vulnerable Population Registry:

Click here to register with Broward County's Emergency Update eMail System sends emergency information via email.

National Weather Service National Hurricane Center:

FEMA Preparation Tips:

Hurricane Links


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Interested in tracking the storm's path? This links below offer several tools to help you monitor tropical storms and hurricanes as they approach South Florida. Print off your own hurricane tracking map, and plot the storm's coordinates. Or browse one of the many fine weather sites available to read discussion by the experts, view the storm's course and check computer models. There's even a historical tracking site that allows you to view information about storms that have moved through your ZIP code, dating back to 1851!

Hurricane Tracking Maps

Hurricane Tracking Map (PDF) Broadband version



Hurricane Tracking Map (PDF) DialUp version


Hurricane Web Sites

National Hurricane Center

This is the Web site for the National Hurricane Center located in South Florida.


National Hurricane Center RSS Feeds

Subscribe to the National Hurricane Center's Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds for the latest storm updates in a headline or news digest format.


National Weather Service Forecast Office

Get the latest weather information from the National Weather Service Forecast Office for Miami-South Florida.


NOAA Weather Radio

This Web site provides information regarding NOAA's Weather Radio nationwide network.


Historical Hurricane Tracks

View NOAA's new Historical Hurricane Tracks Web site. Type in your ZIP code and see how many storms have moved through your area in any given year going back to 1851.


South Florida Water Management District

The Web site for the South Florida Water Management District has a plethora of weather data, including tropical storm models and raindar.


Weather Underground

The Tropical/Hurricane Web site for Weather Underground provides a wealth of information on tropical storms in the North Atlantic and other areas throughout the world.


Hurricane Hunters

On this Web site, view the flight plan of the day for the Hurricane Hunters.


Penn State University

View Penn State University's Web site for the latest tropical storm forecast models.

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